President Trump uses magic and hypnosis

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2017 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for influence, and I want to share with you some of what’s behind that.

This includes actionable advice, but also things that are simply fun and inspiring.

With current events being so fraught with conflict, I think it’s important to stay grounded and pay attention to the many beautiful and POSITIVE things in our world.

Of course there are still things to learn and inspire us in current events – starting with this video that explains President Trump as the “magician-in-chief.”

This isn’t the first time that he’s been viewed through the lens of my skill set. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has been using hypnosis to explain President Trump’s successful campaign for months….

In fact he was one of the few mainstream voices to correctly predict the campaign almost a year before it happened.

Keep in mind: This isn’t an endorsement or criticism of any political beliefs! I share this to highlight how powerful techniques of influence can be – no matter what your goal is.

One of the masters of these techniques actually just published a new book. His name is Robert Cialdini, and he’s a PhD researcher who’s made a huge impact on my life.

His new book is called “Pre-sausion” and it’s all about setting the stage for influence before you ever start actively trying to convince someone.

When you see someone achieve a major feat of influence and can’t figure out how – this is often the explanation. It’s not what you see in the moment – it’s actually because of all of the subtle work that goes in beforehand.

I explore this concept in some detail in my recent “SET AND SETTING” report for Inner Circle members.

But – I promised you something beautiful and positive, and that’s what I want to leave you with today.

It’s an article from Fast Company about finding awe in everyday life and I really encourage you to read the whole thing.

Please stay in touch! let me know if any of these resources inspire or help you – and if you have anything to share with this community I’d love to hear it.

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